Audit example

Example: Aerospace, stainless steel
CurrentPOA optimized
7 flutes11 flutes
Tool diameter20.00 mm20.00 mm
Tool cost100 €200 €
Pcs. per year1,2001,200
Tool life425
Tool count30048
Cutting speed67 m/min89.9 m/min
Cutting feed505.46 mm/min1,208.7 mm/min
Radial step2.286 mm2.286 mm
Axial step6.731 mm13.462 mm
Total tool costs30,000 €9,600 €
Total machine costs100,152 €24,706 €
Machine/tool costs130,152 €34,306 €
Machine hour115.56 €115.56 €
Costs per part108.46 €28.59 €
Machining time per part43:20 min10:41 min
Cutting volume per hour7.86 cm331.63 cm3
Total machine hours866 h213 h
Cost savings per part79.87 €
Production time savings653 h
Cost savings order95,846 €
Rentability73.64 %



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